Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blog Post #5 News Writing

   Daniel Hughes of small town Norton Ma, shocks the world and defeats Superstar Boxer Manny Pacquiao by knockout in first 30 seconds of fight last night at MGM Grand Garden Arena winning over 25 million dollars.

Hughes was unaware he would be facing Pacquiao until 30 minutes before the fight was scheduled. Mayweather suffered from food poisoning and was not cleared to fight. Hughes was traveling with Mayweather training with him when he was told he would be fighting Pacquiao for the title.

" I was incredibly confused when I was told to get changed and immediately report  to the ring", said Dan. " Now I am very excited that I did it!"

Hughes entered the ring nervous and not feeling up to the task of fighting a boxer of such high caliber like Pacquiao. The bell was struck and Pacquiao advanced in. He threw a sharp punch at Hughes that he was able to duck and came back with a huge uppercut that put Pacquiao on the ground and ending the fight 30 seconds after the bell was rung.

Hughes stated, " I want to silence all the haters by saying, yes this was luck, but I will fight anyone who is up for it"!

Hughes will be facing Mayweather in May to defend his title at MGM Grand Arena.

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