Friday, March 20, 2015

Rhetorical Precis

      In Trevor Martin's sports documentary "Schooled- The price of College Sports(2013)", he exposes that the NCAA  exploits athletes and exhibits unjust treatments to college athletes. The author first introduces anecdotes about college athletes to create sympathy for those players who had unjust treatment placed upon them by the NCAA; he then introduces different ways to solve this problem by suggesting compensation for players and possible rule changes. His purpose is to speak out against the NCAA for the poor treatment of student athletes in order to fight for fair treatment of athletes. He seems to have sports fans as an audience in mind because the documentary is regarding sports in college. I agree with the documentary, I feel that it is unfair for the NCAA to get all the rewards for the hard work that the athletes did. It is unjust to exploit college athletes for their sports ability to bring in money to the NCAA and to the schools when all the athletes get in return is a free education.

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