Monday, March 9, 2015

Article Summary and Analysis

      The main argument made by author Dave Leonardis in his work, Kevin Durant's Injury Proving to Be Blessing in Disguise for Russell Westbrook, is that the unfortunate injury of Kevin Durant has proved valuable for the Thunder because it has resulted in Westbrook playing some of the best basketball of his career. He writes that , "The NBA's masked avenger leads the league in scoring with 27.4 points per game while also placing 4th in assists(8.3) and second in steals(2.1)". Leonardis says, " Westbrook is playing just fine without his Thunder buddy". In this passage,  Leonardis suggests that the Thunder do not need Durant when they have the stellar play of Westbrook. In conclusion, Leonardis' belief is that the  Thunder have played outstandingly behind the leadership of Westbrook.


    In my view, Leonardis is correct in saying that the absence of reigning MVP Durant is proving beneficial to the Thunder. More specifically, I believe that the Thunder remain confident while in Durant is sidelined because they believe in the leadership of Westbrook. For example, Westbrook has played his best basketball while Durant is sidelined because his teammates trust him to perform at his highest possible potential to make up for what they are missing without Durant on the floor. Although, Leonardis might object to my point when I say that the Thunder still need Durant on the court. I maintain that the Thunder are playing great basketball behind the leadership of Westbrook, but they still need to have Durant on the court. Therefore, I conclude that the author, Dave Leonardis, is correct in saying that Durant's absence has proved beneficial, but the Thunder require Durant in order to perform at much higher levels of play.

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