Monday, March 23, 2015

"Schooled- The Price of College Sports" Summary

Image result for schooled the price of college sports          The purpose of the movie was to attack the NCAA for being a corrupt and immoral organization withholding rights from the players the film views as laborers. This is a systematic attack exposing the hypocrisy in the NCAA, the backwards ideas spewing forth from the organization’s officials on why they can’t pay players. President Mark Emmert at one point argues against the joke that the NCAA has the best salary cap in sports by stating simply, “There are no salaries,” as if that’s the end of the conversation instead of precisely the problem. The film’s best evidence is systematically unraveling and debunking the now long-ridiculous myth of amateurism in college sports. Even the Greeks didn’t adhere to this idea of unpaid athletes, since ancient Olympians were compensated with land and women. Athletic ability is a marketable skill, but college athletes—specifically in the sports that would net the most money, are not only prevented from making money off their skill, but required to go through four years at college risking health and potential livelihood just so they might be able to get drafted. 

       The film started with a montage of colleges on a game day. It is used to show the environment at a college on game day. The film is filled with collegiate athlete's anecdotes that are used to show just how corrupt the NCAA is. Analysts were interviewed and explained how the athletes were trapped by the NCAA and forced to perform at outstanding levels of play and bring in boatloads of money for the NCAA. The unanimous decision is to have students get paid for the work they do for the college and the money they bring in for the NCAA. 

Friday, March 20, 2015

Rhetorical Precis

      In Trevor Martin's sports documentary "Schooled- The price of College Sports(2013)", he exposes that the NCAA  exploits athletes and exhibits unjust treatments to college athletes. The author first introduces anecdotes about college athletes to create sympathy for those players who had unjust treatment placed upon them by the NCAA; he then introduces different ways to solve this problem by suggesting compensation for players and possible rule changes. His purpose is to speak out against the NCAA for the poor treatment of student athletes in order to fight for fair treatment of athletes. He seems to have sports fans as an audience in mind because the documentary is regarding sports in college. I agree with the documentary, I feel that it is unfair for the NCAA to get all the rewards for the hard work that the athletes did. It is unjust to exploit college athletes for their sports ability to bring in money to the NCAA and to the schools when all the athletes get in return is a free education.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Article Summary and Analysis

      The main argument made by author Dave Leonardis in his work, Kevin Durant's Injury Proving to Be Blessing in Disguise for Russell Westbrook, is that the unfortunate injury of Kevin Durant has proved valuable for the Thunder because it has resulted in Westbrook playing some of the best basketball of his career. He writes that , "The NBA's masked avenger leads the league in scoring with 27.4 points per game while also placing 4th in assists(8.3) and second in steals(2.1)". Leonardis says, " Westbrook is playing just fine without his Thunder buddy". In this passage,  Leonardis suggests that the Thunder do not need Durant when they have the stellar play of Westbrook. In conclusion, Leonardis' belief is that the  Thunder have played outstandingly behind the leadership of Westbrook.


    In my view, Leonardis is correct in saying that the absence of reigning MVP Durant is proving beneficial to the Thunder. More specifically, I believe that the Thunder remain confident while in Durant is sidelined because they believe in the leadership of Westbrook. For example, Westbrook has played his best basketball while Durant is sidelined because his teammates trust him to perform at his highest possible potential to make up for what they are missing without Durant on the floor. Although, Leonardis might object to my point when I say that the Thunder still need Durant on the court. I maintain that the Thunder are playing great basketball behind the leadership of Westbrook, but they still need to have Durant on the court. Therefore, I conclude that the author, Dave Leonardis, is correct in saying that Durant's absence has proved beneficial, but the Thunder require Durant in order to perform at much higher levels of play.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blog Post #5 News Writing

   Daniel Hughes of small town Norton Ma, shocks the world and defeats Superstar Boxer Manny Pacquiao by knockout in first 30 seconds of fight last night at MGM Grand Garden Arena winning over 25 million dollars.

Hughes was unaware he would be facing Pacquiao until 30 minutes before the fight was scheduled. Mayweather suffered from food poisoning and was not cleared to fight. Hughes was traveling with Mayweather training with him when he was told he would be fighting Pacquiao for the title.

" I was incredibly confused when I was told to get changed and immediately report  to the ring", said Dan. " Now I am very excited that I did it!"

Hughes entered the ring nervous and not feeling up to the task of fighting a boxer of such high caliber like Pacquiao. The bell was struck and Pacquiao advanced in. He threw a sharp punch at Hughes that he was able to duck and came back with a huge uppercut that put Pacquiao on the ground and ending the fight 30 seconds after the bell was rung.

Hughes stated, " I want to silence all the haters by saying, yes this was luck, but I will fight anyone who is up for it"!

Hughes will be facing Mayweather in May to defend his title at MGM Grand Arena.