Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hoop Dreams

    "Hoop Dreams" was a tremendous documentary revolving around two amazing basketball stars who played in high school in Chicago. Arthur Agee played for the Marshall Commados. William Gates was the starting point guard for St. Joseph's. Both players had promising basketball careers and had hopes of going to play in college and onto the NBA. Both Will and Arthur struggled keeping good marks in school because they were only motivated in basketball. Will and Arthur lived in areas of Chicago where drugs were prevalent. However, they were able to stay off drugs and away from drugs because they knew that getting into that kind of stuff would jeopardize their basketball careers.
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     A theme that I recognized from the beginning was the theme of basketball being more of job to them more than it was a sport. The boys loved playing the game, but later on in life and into high school it became a job to them. Their coaches wanted the best for them, but it resulted in putting so much pressure on the boys. It almost made them begin to not like playing the game. There were even points in the movie where the boys did not want to continue playing. The coaches put so much pressure on the boys and recruiters stressed the boys that it became a job and it was no longer a sport to them.

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