Thursday, February 12, 2015

How Sports Transcend Culture

      Professional sports has impacted society in a variety of ways. Sports make athletes as well as their viewers look past racial discrimination, political standpoint, sexual orientation, and religious beliefs and join together to play, win, or watch. Sports have a unique way of bringing all types of people together to cheer on their favorite team and celebrate in their victory or commiserate the loss. Even today, it is able to bring people together during this time of racial discrimination in the US, athletes still are able to work together as one team. Ever since Jackie Robinson, broke the color barrier in Major League Baseball, discrimination has been broken down in professionals sports allowing athletes to forget about racial disputes and just play the game that they fell in love with.

Image result for jackie robinson broke the color line      Sports however, also has some negative impacts. Die hard fans would become aggressive and get carried away and lost in the game. It would result in damage due to celebration or damage due to anger because of the loss. It also creates negative impacts on an athlete's career. Take for example, Billy Cundiff. He missed a field goal attempt to tie the game for the Ravens which lead to a Patriots win.  He received hate mail and death threats because he blew the game for the Ravens. Many lives are affect by sports. You hear all the time about players who can no longer live normal lives because of injury caused by sports.

    Sports have been a huge part of my life ever since I was young. I have always relied on sports to an emotional outlet for whenever I was not feeling like myself. I would go out and play catch or I would shoot around in my neighborhood. It was my way of releasing stress. I loved playing with all my friends and winning championships most summers. Sports is the main reason I am friends with who I am today. Our common interest in sports made it easy for us to connect and we have been friends ever since. Sports has given me the opportunity to create lasting bonds and gain on and off field knowledge that will help me for the rest of my life.

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