Friday, January 30, 2015

Gronk vs. Chancellor

     The main argument made by the associated is to show the number of great match-ups in the game on Sunday. The main match-up being super star tight end Rob Gronkowski versus the best strong safety in the NFL Kam Chancellor. Chancellor is a hybrid corner back, safety, linebacker containing characteristics of all three positions that make him better than most at his particular position. Gronkowski is dominant force on the field for the Patriots always performing to his highest possible ability, " only once this season did Gronkowski have fewer than three catches in a game"( Associated Press).  The author writes that the Super Bowl will be full of fantastic match-ups from Gronk vs. Chancellor to Brady vs. Wilson. It will be one amazing game.

    The author of this article claims that the match-ups will be more or less equal. I feel that he is wrong. I believe that while Chancellor is a tremendous defensive player, Gronk will be able to beat him 9 times out of 10. I also feel that our D-line will be able to stop Lynch in his tracks and Brady will throw all over the Seahawks defense. The author claims that game will be full of players that are at equal skill levels. I disagree with what they are saying.

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