Monday, January 26, 2015

What is a Sport?


          My definition of a sport is really simple: A sport is a competitive event that requires points in order to win against other teams or individuals and requires a release of energy during the competition and requires strategy in order to win the event.  By that definition, the following are sports:
Fighting(Boxing, Wrestling, MMA)
I consider all of these sports because they require points to win, but also result in a depletion in energy in said event and require some bit of strategy.

       There are many events that people might consider sports, but by my definition, are not sports. Lawn games, while they are fun and competitive, they are not sports. They are simply recreational activities to play at parties. While they play against others teams or individuals, they do not require an exertion of energy. Another game that I do not consider a sport is mini golf. Mini golf is a very activity, but in no way is it a sport. It requires no energy except the energy you release during the 5 step walk between holes. I would also say that Pool is not a sport. Like I said, it is competitive and requires strategy, but requires no energy.

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