Friday, January 30, 2015

My thoughts on the Super Bowl


   With the Super Bowl two days, everyone has put in their predictions and thoughts on the upcoming game. The game features the star studded offense of the New England Patriots and the ferocious secondary of the Seattle Seahawks.  Brady will be competing for his 4th Super Bowl trophy in his sixth appearance. We are looking to stop Wilson from winning his second trophy in a row. My thoughts on the game are very simple. I am a Patriots fan. I always have been. So, I believe that the Pats, after 1 hour of football, will come out victorious against the Seahawks. I feel the following will be the final score:
35-21 Patriots 

   After their week 2 loss against the Chiefs, The Patriots have bounced back and have never been stronger. I believe that Brady is simply more talented and more experienced than Wilson and he will perform and be stronger on Sunday than the Seahawks. With the media controversy of Deflate-Gate, this has pinned us against the rest of the world and we will put them in their place, like we do time and time again. I feel that that the Defensive line led by Wilfork will shut down Lynch and Gronk will overpower Chancellor and throw him out of the club

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