Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Bucket List

Long Term Bucket List:

1. Play tennis against Novak Djokovic: I am a big fan of tennis and Novak Djokovic is my favorite tennis player. I t would be an amazing opportunity to play against him and have him teach me a thing or two about the game.
2. Go to England to watch Wimbledon: I have always wanted to visit England. I think it would be an amazing place to go see. I also would love to watch some of the best tennis players in the world play each other in hopes of winning the tournament.
3. Learn to do the Skeleton at an Olympic level: I love the Olympics, but I m really only a fan of the Summer Olympics. However, when I was watching the Winter Olympics and saw the Skeleton I was blown away. It amazed me how fast those athletes go. I think it would so cool to be able to do that and be good at it.
4. Visit Australia: I like all people want to travel. Australia would be awesome to visit and hopefully see a kangaroo. That would be incredible.
5. Go to the Summer Olympics: The Olympics are so cool to sit down and watch. I get lost in the events and spend hours at a time watching different events. My favorite season for the Olympics is Summer. I love watching the beach volleyball, the running, and the swimming. It would so cool to watch the Olympics.
6. Be in a movie: I have always had a little bit of a passion to be an actor and star in a popular movie. I envy actors like Mark Wahlberg and Liam Neeson( 2 of my favorites actors) because the movies they are in are always great. How cool would it be to be in popular movie watched and loved by millions?
7. Graduate College: in order to move on in life I need an degree and in order to get my degree I need to graduate college, so I believe it is important for everyone, not just myself to graduate college ready for the next stages of life.

Short Term Bucket List:

1. Get accepted into Roger Williams University: That is my favorite school that I have visited. It really is the perfect school for me. I want to go with a burning passion. I want with everything in the world to get accepted into that school.
2. Graduate High School: I want to go to college and in order to to do that I need to graduate High School.
3. Go to a Bruins game: I love watching Hockey. It is a very cool sport. I have never been to a Bruins game and really want to go.
4. Do a one arm push up:  I have always wanted to be able to complete a one arm push up. I have tried and it is really difficult. I really hope to do a one arm push up before I kick the bucket.
5.  Drive my car up Mt. Washington: I have wanted to drive up to the top of a mountain with my family for awhile now. Now that I have my license and my own car I really want to drive up Mt. Washington just to be able to say that I have done it.

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