Monday, September 15, 2014

Doping Provides an Unfair Advantage

     In this article there are many examples show rhetorical methods like Ethos, Logos, and Pathos. Some examples include:


  • The author of the article, Patrick Hruby, is a sports writer. This means that his job involves watching sports and writing about the arguments that arise from sports topics. He has integrity and a great reputation.
  • He brings up a topic that is highly debated in the sports realm. Doping in the sports world. This is a topic that interest people many people that are sports fans.
  • He also uses methods to get the reader involved, which also helps get the interest of the readers. It makes the reader feel like the author needs his/her help in writing the article.
  • The author comes to logical conclusions in the article where he states what the NBA lacks and why so many people can get away with doping in the NBA. 
                    1.  A lack of blood testing
              2.   A lack of biological passports
                    3. Advance notice to players of drug testing
These are some of the few examples of rhetorical writing methods in the article.

John Munger

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