Tuesday, September 30, 2014


     Incentives have control of the population of the world. They govern the people in a variety of ways. Most of the incentives are used to increase productivity or assist in taking less time to create a new product or a design for a new product. The most influential incentive is money. Money can brainwash many people, including myself, to do things that normally, a person would not be able to do or even want to do. Sometimes, money can alter the expected results. If there is not enough money involved then there will not be enough motivation. If there is a large monetary prize that the results will decrease dramatically. The most beneficial incentive is the purpose motive. It gives a person the opportunity to do something that they have a desire in completing. It gives them a way to take pride in what they are doing and showing that the completion is beneficial to a great cause.
      There are moments when I feel aesthetic beauty. Those moments occur when I am on the tennis court. It happens a few seconds before I go to deliver a racquet shattering overhead at the feet of the other team. I can hear every word spoken on the court, even the noises from the other end of the court. I can see every stitch in the tennis ball and the fluff on the external surface of the ball. I can feel the grip of the racquet in my hand. The grip against my clenched hand ready to strike down with force that has never been seen before. I can feel the eyes of all my teammates and coaches on me as I bring the racquet down in a beautifully swift fashion. My eyes never leave the ball. I can see the racquet and ball make contact as I send the ball flying over the net and into the feet of my opponent. The ball travels like a bat-out-of-hell. Even though this sensation of a perfect overhead occurs in about 2 seconds I feel a lifetime go by as I size up the ball and go for the kill. It is these moments that I cherish most of all and never let them go to waste. These are the moments in which I feel true aesthetic beauty.

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